What causes fire hazards in the attached garage?

Water heaters and boilers are often located in garages. These appliances could start a fire, especially if they malfunction and if there are flammable materials stored near them.

Garage spaces typically contain flammable liquids such as motor oil, paint, and gasoline. Other examples are lighter fluid, paint thinner, brake fluid, and varnish. Add to this the fact that some homeowners only ever go into their garage to move their car, allowing dangerous situations to develop unnoticed. 

How can we prevent fire and avoid its spread?

You should make sure that your garage is as fireproof as possible since this will give you more time before a fire spreads into your home from its starting point. You should also have a smoke detector in the garage that can easily be monitored from inside your home.

Keep your garage clean. Don’t leave items like oily rags and loose papers on the floor since they can serve as fuel for a potential fire.

You should also be on the lookout for any frayed wires or appliances that are old and could malfunction. These issues should be resolved as soon as possible.

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