Home Inspection Pricing

Pricing For Home Inspections and Other Services

Below are our current prices. Contact us for any questions.

 All fees are payable at the time of inspection.  If payment is not received at the time of inspection or you prefer that the bill be paid through escrow there will be an additional $100 charge.

An additional $35 fee will be added to any inspection located more than 55 miles from our office.

Note: The following fees will be effective February 1st 2017

Inspection fees start at a minimum of $350.00 for a single family residence under 1000 sq ft. and includes Thermal Imaging.

Other fees that may apply in addition to the base fee.

Sewer Scope with video                       $175.00  (normally stand-alone $350) Must have exterior accessible clean-out. Does not include pulling/resetting toilets.

Irrigation system                                    $35.00 up to 8 stations $50 over 8 stations

Pool                                                          $75.00

Spa                                                           $50.00

Pool & spa combo                                 $100.00

Guest House                                          $125.00

Outbuildings starting at                       $45.00

Re-inspection starting at                     $125.00


Multi unit inspection fees. (Connected units only.  Call for pricing for separate units on 1 property)

Base fee                                               
Based on Square Footage – Contact Us for Exact Quote

Per unit                                                 +$50.00  Per Unit

Thermal Imaging Included

Commercial inspection fees.

Base fee                                               $375.00

Per 500 sqft                                         $50.00

Add Thermal Imaging for $35 per 500 sqft.

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