Cement walkways can easily become very dangerous when they start cracking and shifting. Many homeowners are worried about the cost and time that it would require to replace a walkway, so they might choose not to do anything about it. There is however an alternative to replacing it, and that is called mudjacking. Mudjacking is accomplished in such a way that the existing walkway is preserved. First, holes are drilled through the cement, and then a mix of cement, soil, water and other materials is pumped through to level the surface.

While this procedure is much easier and quicker than a replacement, it is not entirely risk free. If this is done improperly it could damage underlying pipes, power lines or gas lines. This is why you should do the research to find a reputable company to do the work for you.

While cracked sidewalks can be unsightly, the danger they present is much more serious. Mudjacking is an easy fix to the problem.