You have probably used your air conditioning quite a bit in the past months, and even though the weather is cooling down, there are still days when it feels good to have that cooling power available. Annual costs for running your air conditioning are not as high as they used to be as units are becoming more and more energy efficient. However, the units are still fairly expensive, so you should take good care of yours. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t have proper air flow, it could overheat and take damage. To prevent this from happening, you should replace the filter in the unit regularly. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and should be in a fairly easily accessible location.

You also should pay attention to the way the unit sounds, since a noisy unit could be a sign of a looming problem. Your air conditioning unit shouldn’t rattle when it is running, so having a professional take a look at it can save you a lot of money compared to replacing the unit.

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