One of the worst things that you can experience as a homeowner is a major leak happening inside of your home. This is something that could cause major damage and cost you a lot. Maybe you had a pipe that froze on an exceptionally cold day, or maybe it was a toilet that backed up without anyone noticing until it was too late.

If there is a pipe leaking, your first step needs to be to quickly find a shutoff valve that will stop the waterflow. Once you have located that, you can get to work on fixing the leak. If the leak is from a toilet, you should be careful not to get sick from the contaminated water. It might be necessary to have a professional cleanup agency take care of it for you. If you have water that could come into contact with a live circuit, you should turn of the power to that area as well, since it could lead to shorts, or create a death-trap for anyone that comes into contact with the water.

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