To prevent safety hazards at home, the first step is to identify them. Fire, allergies, and poisoning are some of the common safety hazards at home. There are also risks caused by what’s inside your homes, such as choking, burns, cuts, and falls. This list is a short one but this might help you in analyzing your home’s safety:
Fires at home are very common and one of the most dangerous hazards, not only for the property but also for the people living in it. You must have a fire plan with safety protocols, and make sure that your smoke detectors at home are checked regularly.
Poisoning risks are sometimes caused by your household items, such as maintenance and cleaning supplies, gasoline, and medications. Make sure that you keep these things locked away and out of reach of children.
Your allergies may come from molds. You should try to remove condensation from damp areas in your home surfaces like your bathroom and kitchen regularly to prevent mold growth. Keep your air vents clear to ensure good circulation. Using an air purifier may also benefit you.
As for other hazards, be aware of loose carpet or rugs, be mindful of clutter and power cords. If you have children, don’t forget to make your house childproof.

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