In the summertime, many of us will look for shade to cool down. It’s pretty amazing how much the sun can heat a person up considering how far away it is. While summer is behind us, there are still days where the sun will heat up your home beyond what is comfortable. A lot of that heat is because of the windows in your home. The sun will have the same effect on your home as it does in a greenhouse, heating up the air behind the windows, sometimes forcing you to crank up the AC a bit more. While there are days where this might be welcome, over all, throughout the year, you could spend a lot more in cooling costs than you need to. You could install a window film to give you the benefit of shade that lessens the effect of the sun.

Window films can be purchased in many hardware stores, and you have the option to install a permanent film or a temporary one that can be removed when the weather changes. They are fairly easy to install and not too expensive, so if you are looking for a way to save energy, this could be the solution.

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