Do you feel an extra amount of stress and anxiety during this time? So many people are worried about the future, about their finances and about their health. This is a natural reaction to the current circumstances but it is important not to get overwhelmed by these feelings. While it is true that there are a lot of things on the news that can make you upset it is beneficial both for your health and mental well-being to look at the positive side of things. It is true that many are being infected with the virus even in our own neighborhoods, but a large majority of us will either not contract the coronavirus or we will only have mild symptoms. Even though the death rate at the moment seems very high, the fact is that there is a large number of undocumented cases unaccounted for. This means that in the end, the actual mortality rate of the virus will show to be much lower than it currently seems. Undue anxiety could cause you to make decisions that are either rash or illogical which can lead to bad results later. You should exercise care and do all you can to keep yourself and those around you infection-free, but it is also important to try to stay calm and listen to direction from government agencies. Staying calm will help you in the long run.

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