There are some things that once were believed to be gone once and for all that have popped up their head in modern days, and they’re not welcome. Take for example bed bugs. It used to be that DDT was used to kill bedbugs. It was the only pesticide that was effective in killing them, and it was so effective that they basically were eradicated in large parts of the world. Unfortunately, DDT had some very serious side effects, and it has been banned for a long time. Combine that with the advent of modern travel, and those pockets of bed bugs that were still around, have now spread all over the world once more.

As a homeowner, you want to be careful not to bring these pests back to your home, and there are a few places where you might want to be a little extra careful.

The first is when you stay in a hotel. One of the more common ways in which people’s homes get infected is when they bring home bedbugs from their vacation. The second is when buying used furniture.

If you do either of these things, you should check the seams of the furniture for any traces of bedbugs. If in a hotel, you can ask for a new room if you find them on used furniture, it might be better to rethink the place where you are shopping.

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