Hot, scalding water coming out of your faucet could prove to be pretty dangerous. Water that is at 160 degrees could scald human skin in a matter of minutes, and that is a temperature that your water heater is fully capable of dispensing. This is why anti-scald valves play an integral part in your plumbing system. While you might be quick enough to get your hands out of the water when it comes out scalding hot, a young child or an older person might not be as quick to react. This could lead to serious damage.

Anti-scald valves also help by ensuring that there aren’t any major fluctuations in the water temperature when you are taking a shower. We’ve probably all been there when someone flushes a toilet elsewhere in the home only to turn your shower into lava. An anti-scald valve prevents these issues by mixing the incoming hot water with the cold water to prevent it from reaching a temperature that is too high.

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