While electricity has made our lives much easier, there are also many dangers inherent that need to be considered.

For example, if you notice a dimming of lights when you turn on an appliance, this could indicate that your circuit is overloaded. This is especially common in older homes. You might want to make sure that you move some of your bigger appliances to a different circuit or possibly contact an electrician to see what could be done to resolve the problem.

If you use extension cords in your home, do not run them under carpets or overload them by plugging heavy appliances into it.

If there are overhead power lines near your home, make sure that nothing is near, such as ladders and other equipment.

Anywhere there are wet areas, electrical outlets need to be equipped with GFCI.

If you have children it is important to take extra care to make sure that they are safe. With small children, safety plugs can keep them from danger, and if they are a little older it is important to train them not to put anything into an outlet or playing with electrical cords.