Creating an all-season deck is possible with the right combination of features. These should combine to make the deck weatherproof and provide suitable construction materials.

The overhead covering

Covered decking not only provides a protective layer against elements. They can also provide scaffolding for things like ceiling fans. A fan can help improve airflow and reduce temperatures in warmer months. Plus, homeowners can choose between different materials for deck awnings or shades that block the sun or rain.

Collapsible walls

In the spring and fall, high-tech decks provide a free air circulation system that protects from sun, wind, and rain. They can also protect from snow, bugs, and even winter during extreme summer. Some luxury decks and patios have retractable glass walls to block wind or rain without substantially obstructing the view.

Low-maintenance construction materials
Keeping wood decks in shape each year can be a grueling and frustrating task. Regular maintenance is needed but this can be difficult due to potential splintering and staining. There are other materials that will not require as much maintenance.

Take care if using heaters or fire pits
While it can be very cozy to have a fire pit or a heater on your porch, it’s very important to ensure that it doesn’t turn into a fire hazard.

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