If a fire starts in your home, how will you know? This is especially important at night, because smoke and fumes from a fire can make it so that you will not wake up until it is too late. If you have a fire alarm that is beeping because of the battery being low, it may not be viewed as an immediate problem. Sadly, though, many fires have gone unnoticed because of the simple reason of the battery not being replaced.

There are systems that are safer than purely battery operated fire alarms. This is when they are hard wired with a battery as a backup. These alarms are more expensive, but much more reliable.

Your house needs to have enough fire alarms installed to cover any possibility. There should be an alarm in every bedroom, as well as, outside of every bedroom. You should also have some on each floor of your home.

Anywhere where you store flammable materials, you should also have a fire alarm installed.

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