Is there such a thing as pest birds? While some bird lovers might think that this is impossible, there are many homeowners out there that feel differently. It might be nice watching birds in your backyard, but their droppings can do a lot of damage to your home and the area around it. It can carry disease that could be harmful to humans, and because of the acidity of their droppings, it could also eat away at building materials if the droppings are left sitting for a longer time. The problem is to keep birds away, especially since they can get to so many different areas of your home that you couldn’t possibly hope to reach. Often homeowners try tactics that are meant to scare birds away, but the problem with these devices is that birds tend to get used to them over time and losing their fear.

Having a dog in your yard could help to scare the birds away, but if you are looking for something else, you might want to figure out why the birds are flocking to your home. Do you have a source of food that you could deny them? For example, when planting grass seed, make sure that you cover the seed with hay or some burlap that will prevent them from reaching the seeds. Putting up netting can also help deny the birds access to areas of your home.

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