One issue that comes up often for homeowners that finish their basement is that of sewage. If you are installing a bathroom that is below the level of your plumbing, some extra work will be required to get sewage from the basement out. The solution for this issue is to install a sewage ejector pump that will take care of the problem. These pumps aren’t run constantly but instead, they have a sewage pit that is dug out under the floor of the basement. When this is full to a certain level, the pump will activate. These pumps have higher torque than regular sump pumps and are made to handle solids and debris as well as liquids.

There is also a commercial-grade version called a grinder pump which, as the name implies, grinds up the solids. This is good if you are dealing with a bathroom where the people using it aren’t too concerned about what they flush down the toilet.

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