Do you enjoy a cold glass of water? If you have good quality water in your home, you might just fill up a glass from the faucet in the kitchen. However, what if the water comes out warm? Many have this problem, but the reason for it could vary depending where the water is getting heated up. One reason could be due to floor heating and cold water pipes being installed near each other without proper insulation. This might be the case if the water only gets warm in the winter months. The cold water standing in your pipes when the floor heat is on will be heated up, but once it is running, the water will get cold.

On the other hand, you will experience this problem year round if you have your hot and cold water pipes sitting too close to each other. In this case, getting insulation in between the pipes could solve the problem.

Another option is that you have pipes running through rooms that aren’t climate controlled. This means that in the summertime you will experience problems with your cold water being warm. Once again, installing insulation can help remedy this problem.

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