In many older homes, you will find that the wiring system is far from up to code. While it might feel like electricity has been around for a very long time, there are some homes still standing with wiring systems that were installed before modern, safe techniques were used. You could find aluminum wiring which could pose a potential fire hazard, or you could even have knob and tube wiring, which is a danger especially when you want to update your wiring. Many electricians today are unfamiliar with this type of wiring, and because of this, they might make mistakes when trying to upgrade your electrical system.

Even if your wiring is fairly modern, it could be that it isn’t up to handling the load that you put on it, causing tripped breakers or brownouts.

Whenever you have problems with your electrical system, it is wise to consult a licensed electrician to make sure that you don’t make a dangerous situation worse.

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