There are many numbers to keep track of when it comes to your home. There are measurements of sizes, temperatures, costs, and other things. One number that you might not know is your faucet flow rate. It tells you how much water comes out of a faucet in a minute. If you want to find it out, you could just use a timer and a container of a known size. This will let you figure out the flow rate using simple math. The average flow rate is about 1 gallon per minute, but some variation can be expected. If there is a great difference, however, there might be some need to adjust it. One way to get more pressure with a lower amount of water is by installing an aerator. This will introduce air into the water stream, making it more efficient.

There could be underlying issues for having a very low or high faucet flow rate, so you might want to have a plumber take a look for you to figure it out.

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