How far are you willing to go to protect your child? As a parent, there is nothing you wouldn’t do, I’m sure, but it’s not easy to predict all the situations where your child could get hurt.

Many times, what you need to do is checking that there is nothing unsafe within reach of your child.

If you have stairs leading to a second floor or down into the basement, they should be blocked off by either a door or a child proof gate. Any chemicals that you use for cleaning should be kept inside of locked cabinets or high enough that your child can’t reach it or climb up to access it.

Tools and knives should also be kept out of reach. It might be worth it to invest money into latches to install on drawers and cabinet doors to make them child proof.

Outlets should be either covered or tamper proof.

Even though some of these methods might be inconvenient for you, it is worth it to keep your child safe.

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