If you have a pool at home and are a parent, you probably want to make sure that your children are kept safe. Especially young children are at risk when left unattended at the pool, but what can you do to make sure that they don’t sneak out and hop into the pool on their own? For this there is something called pool alarms.

There are many different designs of these devices, but for the most part they can be divided into 3 different types.

Surface wave sensors are devices which float on top of the surface of the water. They react to waves that are created when someone enters the pool. The water splashing into the device will make contact between 2 wires which will set off the alarm,

Sub-surface disturbance sensors monitor waves hitting the walls of the pool and pressure changes. This is a very accurate device.

You could also equip your child with a wristband that will sound an alarm when wet. The problem with this type of device is that it will give false positives when they wash their hands or when it is raining.

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