Is BBQ season about to start for you? Did it never stop? Grilling food outside is one of life’s pleasures for many of us. It is a very special flavor that is impossible to recreate inside, and with temperatures getting warmer, grilling takes off. There are some things to keep in mind when using a grill, especially when near your home, to make sure that it is done safely.

While grills have improved, they still generate a lot of heat. This means that a grill that is used close to flammable objects can become a fire hazard. You should also be careful not to have it too close to the vinyl siding of your home since the heat could cause the siding to melt.

It’s also important to remember that grills generate exhaust. While we all love the smell of food on the grill, there are also harmful gasses released when using the grill. This means that you want to ensure that there is good ventilation where you are using it. 

Using lighter fluid should also be done with care. Don’t leave the bottle sitting next to the grill since the heat could cause it to explode.

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