Could you live in a home smaller than 1000 square feet? How about one that is smaller than 100? That is what many have chosen to do since the start of the tiny house movement. In many cases, people will choose to live in a smaller space to have a simpler life, hoping to get more enjoyment out of life with less distractions.

If you are thinking of building your own tiny home, it is important to remember that in many cases there will be very specific codes to be observed to make sure that your home is in compliance, as well as, safe to live in.

Living in a tiny home does have many advantages. Your cost for heating and cooling will decrease significantly, especially if you formerly lived in a large home. You will spend much less time cleaning and repairing your home and your impact on the environment will be lessened.

It might make it more of a challenge to entertain friends, but if you are located in an area where there is nicer weather, you always have the option of entertaining your guests outdoors.

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