Here are some tips to make your home more welcoming to guests in just a few quick steps.

Start With the Entrance

Since it’s the first thing people see, you want to spend a little extra time making sure that your entrance is appealing.

The front of your home should be the most welcoming part. Put good lighting, a nice mirror, or art to draw your guests’ attention into your home. Don’t be afraid to explore and try bold statement pieces. Even something simple like a beautiful welcome mat will have a positive effect!

Add Soft Textures and Textiles

The most straightforward trick to update your home and make it welcoming is adding different textures. When you incorporate a wide range of textures into your home design it will make rooms feel less stiff and more welcoming. This can be accomplished by adding blankets with different textures and colors as well as pillows of different sizes and shapes.

Have an Easily Accessible and Intimate sitting.

Another important aspect is making your seating arrangements more conducive to conversation and association. Arrange the seating close to each other with easy access to make the guests feel more comfortable. This will also make the room look more welcoming.

Put Amazing Smells on Display

Great smell plays a crucial role in adding a welcoming ambiance to your home. There are scented candles, and fragrant flowers or you could even bake cookies or bread for a smell that instantly will make people feel right at home when they step through the door.

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