Many backyard projects have come to an unpleasant end thanks to 3 plants in the same family. Poison Oak, Poison Sumac and Poison Ivy. Exposure to these plants can lead to serious allergic reactions, ranging from a rash to hospitalization.

Of course, the first step to avoiding exposure is to become familiar with what these plants look like, and then exercising care when handling them.

Even dead plants can cause a rash months after it died, so there is still a need to exercise care.

Never burn the plant, since the smoke can cause serious respiratory problems. Even if you have a proper mask on, your neighbors do not, and the smoke can travel very far.

All parts of the plant – Roots, leaves and vines contain the oil that causes a reaction, so if you need to remove these plants, wear sufficient covering to avoid exposure, and remember that if the plant tears, it will release much more oil.