When you have a shortage of places to connect all your electronics, you probably realize that older homes weren’t built for our modern time. Some of us have more things connected next to our bed than people a few decades had in several rooms. Of course, the solution is simple, just connect them all to a power strip, but it is important that you don’t use a power strip in the wrong way. It is very easy to overload a power strip, causing it to become a fire hazard.
Power strips are rated for a specific wattage, and if it gets a higher load than its rating, it could very well overheat. If you daisy chain several power strips, the first strip in the chain now has the combined wattage of several strips going through it.
You also shouldn’t connect any appliances that draw a lot of power to a strip. There are extension cables made specifically for those appliances. Another thing to avoid is covering a power strip with a carpet, since that could lead to it overheating, even if it isn’t overloaded.

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