Mold is a truly amazing thing. It can be found almost everywhere on earth, it is essential for many of the biological processes we depend on, and it can be used to cure diseases. But that’s not the mold that homeowners know and despise. No, mold can be a very invasive thing in your home, and if you have a problem with it, it can damage your health or just make your life miserable with allergic reactions.

While there are some types of mold that are more dangerous than others, keeping mold at bay should be a priority for a homeowner. This means that you should be careful with any sources of water where there could be leaks. You should also clean up spills quickly and hang up wet items where they can dry.

Your best friend in the fight against mold is ventilation, so making sure that fans work properly, ducts are clean, and filters fresh should be part of your regular maintenance.

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