When your toilet all of a sudden starts backing up and the water level is rising, you will probably break out into a cold sweat and rush to turn off the water supply. It is not a pleasant experience, but what will you do next? Some will go straight for the cabinet under the sink and grab their favorite drain cleaner chemical and pour it down the toilet. This might seem like a very simple and easy solution, but is it really?

While these chemicals might clear your clog, they are also doing a lot of harm at the same time. While the potency of drain chemicals has been lessened in recent years, they still can damage your pipes. Drain chemicals will also do harm to the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. On top of the damage they can do to your home, they can also be very harmful to the environment.

So, what are some alternatives? For clogs that consist mostly of fat and grease or soap, hot water poured down the drain can be very effective, and other clogs can usually be dislodged using a plunger.

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