Do you have a trampoline in the backyard? Your children probably love playing on it, but have you given any thought to their safety on a trampoline? It might seem like a harmless thing, but every year there are hundreds of thousands of accidents with trampolines in the US alone. Why is that the case? Very often it is because the trampoline is used improperly. So, what is proper use of a trampoline? First, never let more than 1 person use it at once. With 2 or more people on the trampoline, the risk of injury increases greatly.

It is also important to install netting around your trampoline. Falling off of the trampoline onto the ground can be fatal. You should also not let anyone jump off of objects onto your trampoline. This could cause them to bounce uncontrollably, or break the trampoline and make them fall through it.

While a trampoline can be very entertaining, it needs to be used with adult supervision.

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