Do you want a “green” home? We’re not talking about the color that you choose for the paint, but rather a home that is environmentally friendly. Of course, there are different levels you can go to accomplish this, but sometimes the choice that is green might also be a financially wise choice. Take linoleum flooring for example. It is not an expensive material, and it is made from recycled cork or sawdust, which preserves natural resources. On top of that linoleum flooring can be quite beautiful. Of course, there are some limitations to keep in mind when it comes to linoleum. This type of flooring needs to be handled with care. Strong chemicals can harm the surface of the floor, and so can water that is left standing on it. It is best to use a broom or a vacuum cleaner for day-to-day cleaning, and when it is necessary to use a wet mop or something similar, ensure that no water puddles are left behind.

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