People will flush the strangest things down the toilet. They might think that is ok since there is a large opening and lots of water flushing it out. In reality, the only things that should go down a toilet are the things it was designed for, waste and toilet paper. Other items might plug your plumbing, and if you have a septic system, certain chemicals can disrupt the function of the system. Let’s consider a few of the more common items that are flushed down a toilet and why it is a bad idea.

Dental floss, even though it is small, can get tangled up and cause a clog.

Cooking grease will coagulate when it hits the cold water and create a sticky, water repellent clog.

Cat litter may be designed to clump up when wet, so this will also cause problems.

Diapers will not break apart like toilet paper does when flushed, and probably won’t even make it past the first bend.

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