Ants. They are often just considered to be a nuisance for a homeowner, and it is true that in most cases, they aren’t harmful. However, most of us would agree that we would rather not have them in our home at all. While not common among all ant species, there is also the possibility that they chew through wood or electrical wire.

How could you make sure that you keep ants at bay when they are so troublesome? Your first step should be to make sure you’re not inadvertently attracting them. Ants love sweets, so anything sugary needs to be kept in sealed containers. The same goes for recycling. Soda cans that are almost empty, still contain a feast for an ant. If you have problems with ants, make sure you either rinse out your recycling or keep it in a closed receptacle.

If you find an ant-trail leading into your home, placing some bait next to the trail could be all that is needed to distract them and keep them away. Just remember that the bait will need to be replaced to stay effective.

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