A hot shower can be just the thing you need after a long day, but it is not only loosening up your tense muscles, it is also releasing a lot of moisture into the air as steam. While you might not consider this when you step out of the shower into a steamy bathroom, you have just created an environment that can encourage mold growth and other water related damage. This is why your bathroom fan is so important. It is made to funnel out that steam from your bathroom to the outside of your home where it can’t do any damage.

A malfunctioning fan could quickly become a problem. If you hear your fan rattling when it is running, it might be time to look into replacing it.

The fan is not the only component to venting your bathroom, however. You also need ductwork that is straight and free of obstructions. The duct from your bathroom exhaust shouldn’t vent inside your attic, since this could cause water damage and mold growth there instead.

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