Your kitchen is usually associated with pleasant odors, but there are some things that need to be kept in check to make sure this doesn’t change. Your garbage is one obvious source of smells, but so is your garbage disposal in your sink. How can a garbage disposal begin to smell? Usually this is caused by organic matter that gets stuck on the blades and lodged inside, rotting and releasing odorous gasses. So, how do you keep that from happening? It is all in the way you use your garbage disposal.

One common mistake that many make is that they stop running the garbage disposal as soon as they dump the last scraps down the drain. Instead, you should leave the water running for a while to let the blades clean off. You should also be careful with fibrous vegetables such as broccoli, celery or rhubarb since the fibers can wrap around the blades and get stuck easily.

If you need to clean your garbage disposal, running a handful of ice cubes through the disposal will usually do the trick.

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