If you have a mess in your home, do you feel like it doesn’t affect anyone besides yourself? While this might be true in most situations, everything changes when you want to sell your home. Clutter in your home could lower the bidding price and even discourage a potential buyer from buying your home. While you might expect people to be able to imagine the home without your things in it, this is most often the case. In fact, seeing a lot of clutter in the home might lead them to assume there isn’t enough storage space in the home, forcing you to leave things out.

Clutter can also encourage pests to move into your home. Clutter offers them excellent hiding places for building nests, and it will also make it that much more difficult for you to spot them. While it might seem like a lot of work to change your life around, clearing the clutter in and around your home can make a huge impact on the sale of your home.

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